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Money financial conditions and Horoscopes

A new year has come to us yesterday, are you ready for it? Whatever your horoscope, be ready for 2018 with this quick look on the financial side of the twelve towers. What's in store for you in 2018? Read on to learn more.

How will your finances be in 2018? You will know the 2018 tower projections and the appropriate ways to improve your financial position in 2018, increasing your wealth and wealth in your life with the 2018 financial projections. Money is an important part of human life. All our needs and well-being depend on money. We are always striving and working hard to improve our finances. Sometimes our attempt succeeds in the right direction, and at other times we do not get the desired results. What is the reason why we do not get the required result and what do we lack? What do we need to do to improve our financial situation the way we want it? We are here to help you in all these situations. Follow us to find out the solution to all of these problems by 2018 horoscopes…

What is Vedic Astrology and what distinguishes others?

What is Vedic Astrology? Difference between Vedic and Western systems?
There are many differences between vedic astrology and the most common system in the West - tropical astrology - or western astrology. Indian peoples have practiced vedic astrology for thousands of years. The earliest writings on this topic were found in the Vedas - the ancient spiritual texts of Hindus and the oldest known books to date, dating back to 5000 - 8000 years. And the Indian name "Jyotch", which means "science of light" because it is related to the follow-up celestial bodies that reflect the energy and light on the ground, affecting the course of human events.

Western astrology was invented by the Greeks and the Babylonians about 2000 to 3,000 years ago. They believed that since the sun is the center of the solar system, the relationship of the earth to the sun is the most important. It uses the tropical constellation, which measures the sun's relationship to the Earth's orbita…

What are the cosmic houses and what are the characteristics of each astronomical house?

Astronomical houses describe a certain area of ​​experience in an individual's actual life. It refers to how the person deals, whether in his interaction with people, his work or his likes, etc. Just as there are 12 astrological towers, there are 12 astronomical houses, and each house is similar to one of the towers. But unlike astrological constellations, which provide 30 degrees in the cosmic circle, the size of the astronomical house varies greatly from house to house. The accounts of astronomical houses are based on exactly the time of birth. It is important to bear in mind that most astrologers say that whenever the planet is near the house, it will be home.

As we have said, astronomical houses represent a specific aspect of life. The following is the meaning of each of them:

 The first house [/ highlight] is referred to as: the self, the appearance and the vitality

Describes the character and behavior of the individual in his confrontation with the outside world, in addition to…

What can Horoscopes science do and can not?

Contrary to some ideas that some believe, tower science is not a system of beliefs or religion. It is not linked to any kind of dubious remedies or religious practices. In many respects, astrology is more like a specialized language. Learning the language takes some time, and - like any comprehensive study - requires serious focus and is dedicated to reaching perfection. Great experience is not required to start taking advantage of the vast amount of information currently available; a large number of expert towers and specialized professional organizations provide assistance to beginners. If you are fascinated by this field, you may want to learn more about this cosmic language. (As a specialized student, you will discover that there is always more to learn about horoscopes!).

Many people have questioned whether the flag of the towers contradicts the idea of ​​free will. Thomas Kueni believed that stars do not control lives, human ability to think and make decisions help determine the …

The bad habits of each of the twelve towers Horoscopes

There is no one perfect - and every tower has its drawbacks. Fortunately, flag towers provide valuable clues to break bad habits. Terminating these bad patterns helps you achieve your full potential. These are some tips to conquer those bad behaviors that stand in the way of your happiness in the end.

Bad Habits of the Aries Tower:
Aries born usually have a rush to the frontline, literally and figuratively. While this trait helps Aries move on, they may affect the stability of your relationships. Involving them with the care of an animal, child or plant may help them get rid of this status. Once their capacity for care is developed, their selfishness will diminish.

Bad Taurus Habits:
Taurus born loves chaos. Surrounding them with all their belongings gives them a sense of security. It also creates headaches, confusion and anarchy. Storage systems that keep things displayed will prevent bulls from scattering their things all over the house. The placement of baskets, glass containers and op…

The features of each day of the week and the planet that governs

The ancient Babylonians chose to organize their calendar around seven days a week, each day corresponding to one of the seven "planets" that appear to the naked eye. (Planets in brackets because the sun and the moon are not planets in practice but they are from the mosques). Saturn is considered the last planet in the solar system because the last celestial body can be seen with the naked eye. Although it is known that the planets revolve around the sun and not the earth. But the fact that the planets seem to revolve around the moon is the basis of the theory of the centrality of the earth, on which most astrologers now rely. These seven objects are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Religious ideas for the influence of days on society have made days called on the names of these celestial bodies. Although many astrologers do not notice the day the person was born, this information will help to identify important areas of human life. Each day of the week car…

What are the predictions in astrology and how do you understand?

Means of preparation for the future and understanding of the past:
Most astrologers use a variety of purifications to "look into the future" of a person. There are many techniques that are used to make predictions - and planning - for the future. In the following lines we share your favorite techniques - secondary transitions and sequences, solar arc directions, solar backbones, etc. Transitions, for example, challenge us and pressure us to change our lives and attitudes toward life. Bring us joy and sometimes unhappiness - show parts of ourselves and force us to face them. Secondary Interruptions Reveal the cycles of maturity and growth in our lives, to see how our personalities unfold.

Transfers and Courses:
Our astrological plan is very much like a picture of the sky at the moment we pick up our first breath. We carry our astrological plan with us throughout our lives, even if the planets and the unseen continue to keep them and their courses. But the planets and points move…

The origins of astronomy, the reason for its existence and its accuracy

Are you one of the people who often worry about the future and what it carries with it? Do you think that there must be a way to reveal the secrets of the future? If you consider these things ridiculous or unrealistic, some people will argue you with scientific arguments and proofs, and they will prove their ability to know what fate holds for future periods by resorting to scientific means! This is the case of astronomy, as the specialists in this field do model studies for each of the towers, and here you find yourself reading your astronomical expectations, even if not 100% accurate. They are likely to be people who wonder about the origins of astronomy and why it exists, not to mention the methods adopted in this field as well as its accuracy. Let us try to answer these questions together.

History of Astronomy
Astronomy is not a modern science as some people think, but it dates back to the times when the beginning of discoveries emerged. The discovery of the relationship between ast…

Woman of Scorpio: The most jealous women of the earth

What do you think of Hillary Clinton's character? Some even fail at this moment to understand the nature of their personality. A public figure who held the highest diplomatic posts in the most powerful nation on the surface of the earth in modern times and was the wife of former US President Bill Clinton, which ended its second session in the United States of the scandal of sex. And these days prepare and prepare to progress as a candidate for the US presidency in the upcoming elections to be the first woman governs the largest state in modern history. How does this lady, who has a broad smile in most interviews, get a sex scandal for her husband in the presidency of the world's largest nation with catastrophic details and scandalous investigations that naturally complement her marriage? How did she abandon the traditional female sense of jealousy and cruelty expected towards her husband and was able with envy to contain it and forgive his sin?

Woman of Scorpio
The strangest of …

The effect of Mercury's transition to Gemini on all Horoscopes

The positive effects of Mercury will be on the part of students and students in the basic stages of education, they will feel that their focus is better and their ability to study and test performance is better, and will have good luck for the rest of the towers of the tower on short trips.

The thinking of the Taurus boomers during this period is focused on how to make money in the easiest way, and some of them will have new opportunities or good projects where they share a profit.

Gemini :
During this period, they enjoy a distinctive seventh sense, a surprising speed, and their ability to think better and faster. Many of the tower's children are active in their contacts, study, and think more than usual about traveling.

They find them more inclined to read or to see mysterious and exciting things, and some prefer to watch horror films or documentaries about fictional events.

Lion Tower:

They communicate and interact more with friends, and friends admire their dialog…

Astronomical signals prompt someone to commit the act of treason

Of the populist proverbs in our Arab world such as saying "the race of betrayal in his blood"! This proverb is meant to mean that this person is betraying as he breathes, or if treason takes place in his bloodstream. This sentence describes the traitor who is accustomed to betraying and deceiving people. And our subject in this article are there really astronomical signals that prompt someone to commit the act of treason constantly and become part of his personality even without feeling or thinking before each action? This issue is already thorny. Some may think that there are specific signs such as these are a means of absolving sin and considering wrongdoing in the right of people to be inadvertently forced. This is not the case at all. We have mentioned in previous articles that we have repeated in a repeated speech that astronomy, stars and planets are only instruments that emit signals that humans receive and may be affected by or are not affected at all. The process is…

Is there evidence of poverty or wealth on the personal map?

What do you think if we talk now about a very interesting subject in the same subject. We will talk about the evidence of poverty and evidence of wealth on the personal map and does it really affect the lives of some individuals to make them poor poor or rich millionaires? Come with us to learn about this subject.
Signs of Wealth
One of the astrological things that give strong signals to the wealth of a person in the course of his life and the period of maturity or any other period of his life a number of astronomical positions. We will explain some of them, which we feel through the writings of astrologers adults that they are the most important and most meaningful to the rich:

Jupiter :
The position of Jupiter within the personal map is the most important sign in this subject. One of the most important places where Jupiter, a planet of luck, money, wealth and wealth, is a signifier that strengthens the chances of this person to make money and get rich is in the second house which is the…

Arab Horoscopes: How do you know what is your Arab Horoscopes

Arab towers began to spread in Mesopotamia between 2700 and 2600 BC. Although it is less widespread than the Western towers we know, it is the most important and most prestigious. Arab towers are called knives And used to guide the individual in the midst of his life, which is like a battle. The twelve towers are divided into three groups: hand weapons, medium weapons and long weapons. Hand weapons include the knife, the dagger, the dagger and the Arab dagger. These weapons are serious, powerful and full of life, but they are closed and often have difficulties in achieving their goals. Medium arms include a fishing dagger, a scepter, an ax, and iron chains. This group represents quiet and ambitious people who aim to progress at the social level. With regard to long arms such as sword, spear, ropes and bow, they are indicative of active and persevering people, who are easy to rely on and aspire to maintain their social level. The Arab towers are: the knifeSinusStilettoArab daggerFishing Da…

How can you get the best reading of the psyche and sight?

This reading may be one of the oldest readings in history. The attempt to search for psychological reading and reading of miracles may have begun since man began to realize that his relationship with the universe is a connected and connected relationship, which is not a natural component of human beings, celestial bodies, This has become more relevant as the man became convinced that his life and the course of this life is linked to many phenomena and things, and that man's relationship with astronomy and towers is a parallel relationship, so that the heavenly forces and satellites have an effect on his life by one means or another. This also applies to the readings that derive from Body of the The man began to notice the lines of his body and realized that they did not exist in vain, but they are fully linked to his life, nature and personality, and many have noticed this thing more than others, Vtaharoa in this science, and became them what they call astronomers, including what …

How do Horoscopes help you choose the profession that suits you

The choice of the profession suitable for each person of difficult things, which is disputed in the selection of many factors and elements and effects, the dreams of young adults packaged and packaged adult desires may differ by virtue of education and by will later, for example, the rate in the study may determine the university choice, which will produce the specialization that determines The profession in the future, at the same time may be convinced in some of this amount may be seen by others and other indicators that it is fit to something else does not necessarily have to be based on study and go to it, and sometimes we may be associated with the profession of parents and grandparents who was his father a doctor grew up on And the father of his father, a lawyer who wanted to inherit this legacy, but these elements often influential may not be the only one capable of running this choice, it may be disputed factors of importance in building this choice, a factor of personality an…