Astronomical signals prompt someone to commit the act of treason

Of the populist proverbs in our Arab world such as saying "the race of betrayal in his blood"! This proverb is meant to mean that this person is betraying as he breathes, or if treason takes place in his bloodstream. This sentence describes the traitor who is accustomed to betraying and deceiving people. And our subject in this article are there really astronomical signals that prompt someone to commit the act of treason constantly and become part of his personality even without feeling or thinking before each action? This issue is already thorny. Some may think that there are specific signs such as these are a means of absolving sin and considering wrongdoing in the right of people to be inadvertently forced. This is not the case at all. We have mentioned in previous articles that we have repeated in a repeated speech that astronomy, stars and planets are only instruments that emit signals that humans receive and may be affected by or are not affected at all. The process is completely relative not subject to a rule or scale and what we are doing is simply monitoring associated signals By the multiple acts of treason committed by a person. Perhaps his awareness of what is affected by him one day leads to rationality and good governance and behavior.

Signs of Gemini
Gemini is a distinctive aerial tower, characterized by innate intelligence, attractiveness, openness and some of the duplication that may appear in their personality and way of dealing with others. This duality situation may leave some people feeling that it is a kind of treason, but this is only true in rare cases. But it is true that the occurrence of Venus within the Gemini of anyone in his personal map, especially if the Gemini representative of House V or VII, this person tends to multiplicity in the relationship of love. It is found in the young age of the bee absorbs the nectar of the flower and moves to others to repeat the act. May change with a little aging but recorders have recorded this pattern in people who have found this status.

Mars in Scorpio
It is also an important sign that refers to the multiplicity of the person's emotional relationships or his tendency to betray those who would like Mars to exist, the planet of motion, impulse and aggression inside the Scorpio at the moment of birth, especially if it is in a downward motion rather than anterior, and when it is inside the fifth, seventh or twelfth house . This particular mark puts pressure on the person from the point of view of the craziness of sexual desire, which seeks refuge in it at all times, which may lead to the rush and recklessness in relations and whims from one to another.

Neptune Deceiver
One of the important signs recorded by a number of astrologers that the planet Neptune is a planet of imagination and creativity and addiction and love desires and pleasures inside any water tower, especially whale and scorpion. This situation may lead the person to betray, but indirectly, it drives him to indulge in casual pleasures such as addiction to drugs or alcohol and from this way open the way to betray his lover or his wife. The same situation may push the person in a completely different direction, and this is one of the mysteries of astrology. It may motivate the talented person to create more and enter into a world of magic and art that will result in genius creations of a unique kind. One of the most famous examples of this situation in our Arab world is the artist and composer of generations Mohamed Abdel Wahab. The presence of the planet Neptune at the moment of birth inside the Pisces, which is itself a solar tower and this is the ideal position of creative artist does not repeat much.

Therefore, we conclude from this article that betrayal of bad human character and have some astrological signs that can be monitored by reading the personal map, but this does not mean that betrayal has become inevitable for every person has these situations and take it as a justification for his crime. Dear readers, is a wise person in his actions and in his own hands to change himself and correct his mistakes as long as he has the will and ability to act.


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