Horoscopes and their relationship with sincerity and treason? Who is the safest?

In our continuous search for that relationship that compels us to feel happy and loving, we find that we are looking for what is deeper than these two qualities only. We are looking for that relationship which forces us to feel comfortable, stable and secure, and to mean the word forcing us is the need for this. We can survive happily if there is no stability, and we can not feel love without safety, and that is why we go far in search of the other half that gives us these qualities, it gives and takes, we feel and favor, and we gain and accept, if we want On the other hand to mention the most characteristics that frighten us within the relationships are treason, age Urged in this article for more baby boomers Eraj closer to the status of fidelity. Let's say the most:

Aries (March 21 - April 20): Born in this tower, they love adventurousness and independence. They do not think of staying in the same place very much, so they are always looking for something new. This makes them bold in getting into new relationships. Without care and without caution, are really far-thinking about this matter, and this gives them a serious status at the very least if not very dangerous transfer.
Taurus (21 April - 21 May): From the dirt towers, whose lovers love stability, hate permanent mobility, the Taurus is considered one of the most stable and loving to stay with those who love it. It is often trying to find solutions to Problems that may arise between him and his partner so as not to worsen things, he likes to remain adhering to him. So we can give it a safe status
Gemini (22 May - 21 June): This baby grows in love with risk, but what is more intriguing is curiosity. These qualities always encourage him to engage in many serious adventures, which may force him to enter into relationships he should not have entered , And in this fashion it is interpreted as curiosity rather than betrayal, and for this baby we tell him that he is very dangerous in relations.
Cancer Tower (22 June - 22 July): The breeders of this tower may be considered the safest if we want to arrange them, by their nature and personality, always looking for a safe relationship and offering it to their partner and asking for it in exchange for them. The deep love for them that you do is associated with those who love forever, sincerely. So we can give it a safe status.
Leo (23 July - 21 August): He is a lion, a sharp typist, and at the same time glamorous, a monarchical form, so he is always looking for that integrated relationship between the two parties, looking for that partner who offers him the other half, This is sometimes considered impossible. He moves on to another partner as soon as he discovers that this partner does not give him what he completes, and this is his way of making him permanent mobility, justifying his search for perfection.

Virgo (22 August - 23 September): How many things are known about Virgo Virgo is associated with his name so much he is very creative and sensitive, he is always looking for that relationship in which he is linked to passion and embrace and stay together, he does not tolerate betrayal in return, and can not Accept it, and from this principle who is associated with it is lucky and betrayed it is closer to the stupidity, so we can give the birth of this man security.
Libra (24 September - 23 October): It is the balance, it is the person who achieves justice and measures it and gives it to those who love, it can not accept fraud and betrayal and not qualities, and born by the tower by nature seeking harmony and attachment in his life, and loves, can partner To feel confident, so we can call it safe.
Scorpio (24 October - 22 November): Quite simply, can you trust the Scorpio side? He is a very strong and serious personality and at the same time an arrogant and authoritarian figure. This type of character is impossible to accept the slightest bit of wrongness from the partner. If this happened, the result is clear, which is to give up. In no case can he forgive him and give him another chance. This birth is dangerous and worthy.
Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22): He is a free, warm, fast-moving child. He can not be linked to a certain system, and sometimes he likes chaos, and that is why he likes to travel. These qualities make him love discovering and learning a lot. New things and people, so he always justifies himself treachery, so he deserves a serious character.
Al-Jaddi Tower (23 December - 20 January): Born in this tower, they love design and hard work. These traits are complemented by their search for stability that provides them with fertile ground so that they can do these tasks. They are far from treachery, their time is not allowed to do so, and their goals are not related to hard work, so they deserve a safe status.
Aquarius (21 January - 19 February): What is the problem of the birth of this tower? He is not adventurous in the literal sense of the word but he is reckless and therefore he is doing many acts that have gone beyond the limits of logic, including that he may be his partner without searching for meaning and without caution, and therefore is a privilege of a dangerous character.
Pisces (February 20 - March 20): His problem is that his emotions are very conflicting, he is very sensitive and does not realize the truth of his feelings and emotions, and therefore his decisions will sometimes be a natural result of this conflict and may lead to some of the behavior is foolish, .


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