How to please women with different Horoscopes

Women are always described as non-conforming personalities. This is not true. All that men need is to know the personality of women only, and to look at the correct way to satisfy them based on their personality. The way women please differ according to their personalities. Not all women are alike in this. In this article, we review the different ways to satisfy each woman, depending on the tower underneath. All you have to do is choose the right tower for the woman you are dealing with and find out how to satisfy it.

 How to please women with different Horoscopes
1- Pregnancy (21 March - 19 April)
A pregnant woman is a pleasing figure with ease, where she will not need to make much effort in this area, a pregnant woman only wants a strong man, feels safe at home, fears her and her children, and provides them with the necessary needs, Do not complain, so you will have to know when this woman has a problem, and work to solve this problem quickly, because in any case will not disclose the problems you face, love pregnancy woman to feel jealous of her husband, but within the reasonable, it You also need an area of ​​freedom in which to do things you want to do Without her husband's pressure on her, a pregnant woman is a delicious and lovable character and will have no difficulty dealing with her.

2. The Bull (April 20 - May 20)
A bull woman needs her husband to understand her romantic disposition, her need for tenderness and compassion, and she also expects him to respect her practical wishes and ambitions. She does not want a husband who chokes her and prevents her from achieving herself. The bull woman on the other side expects her husband to understand her shy nature and can understand why. She can not express her feelings towards him in a fancy way. She is good at expressing love, but by means of other means of her own, the bull woman also wants her husband to respect her desire for introversion and not to mix with others intensively, so do not try to take her on your visits Repeated to others, indeed Sitting at home penchant for expansive mood, and remember that this is not something that makes at all, but that what Sagilla to feel that they have to do the many duties of courtesy without the consent of them. The man must also respect the stubborn nature of the bull's woman, and not try to exchange her obstinacy, because she will become more stubborn and will never return from what is in her head.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

A woman of Gemini is a very picky woman. She needs a man to take her freedom to go out and meet with others. She wants her husband to share these things. Also, do not try to show jealousy to a woman who is too Gemini. She does not like jealousy at all. Because she feels oppressed, so do not mention a lot of observations before you see, for example, that the eyes of everyone, but you have to exercise a lot of restraint in this aspect, on the other hand, the Gemini woman does not like doing housework, so it would be nice to help her This is whenever you have the opportunity, or better yet, to do An agreement with them, the method of doing this work, including as little as possible of them to participate in the performance of this business.

4- Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
A cancer woman is a sensitive and weak person, so she needs a strong man who feels safe and secure at all times. She does not ask you to surround her with love, tenderness and affection. She will be willing to do everything she asks of her. You can not control children sometimes, so it would be nice of you to help them to do their responsibilities and guide them to the right way you deal with them. The cancer woman is largely unmet, and what you need is not difficult. It is affordable for most men, but it only requires some Perseverance and knowledge of the exact requirements of this sensitive object.

5. Assad (July 23-August 22)
A lion woman requires special attention to know what this female needs, to please the woman of the lion, you first have to understand her need to appear and meet, do not try to shy away from her personality, never blur her mind, but try to share it with you in doing all the things you do, She loves to have a valuable and useful opinion, and do not like to be an idle party in the relationship, the lion woman often tries to interfere in running family matters the way you want, so do not stand in her way, and try to let her do it, the last thing you should His knowledge to please the female lion, that this woman sometimes go through periods of grief because of events K Liras may occur to her, such as the loss of a dear them, and when they get sad, the situation is very miserable, and can not handle any one, so you have to take into account in these critical periods of her life, and never abandon it.

6. Virgin (August 23 - September 22)
A virgin woman is a very private person. You need to understand her need to be surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. You do not have to be hard-hearted in dealing with this female. Try to satisfy her with love and affection. Female Virgo is a person who is always looking for details and is interested in them, so do not oppose her in doing this, and do not lose her way of seeking perfection, you also have to make sure that there are no intimate needs of this female, she does not like to talk about things Intimacy with her husband, but expect him to understand without You have to tell him what you need. Finally, in financial matters, a virgin girl likes to feel financially safe all the time, so try to make her feel safe. Do not worry about the possibility of any financial shock in the family, but always reassure her.


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