Is there evidence of poverty or wealth on the personal map?

What do you think if we talk now about a very interesting subject in the same subject. We will talk about the evidence of poverty and evidence of wealth on the personal map and does it really affect the lives of some individuals to make them poor poor or rich millionaires? Come with us to learn about this subject.
Signs of Wealth
One of the astrological things that give strong signals to the wealth of a person in the course of his life and the period of maturity or any other period of his life a number of astronomical positions. We will explain some of them, which we feel through the writings of astrologers adults that they are the most important and most meaningful to the rich:

Jupiter :
The position of Jupiter within the personal map is the most important sign in this subject. One of the most important places where Jupiter, a planet of luck, money, wealth and wealth, is a signifier that strengthens the chances of this person to make money and get rich is in the second house which is the house of money, property and wealth. In the case of Jupiter in this house, this person often earns money easily and has the talent to make profits with little effort. This is also a sign that this richness will be achieved by working at the age of young people and maturity, not inheritance inherited in childhood. But if Jupiter is in the eighth house, which is the house of inheritance and inheritance, this is a sign that this man may inherit a large legacy of land, real estate and money, but not specific when he will gain it at any age. Another strong position of Jupiter as a sign of a person's wealth is that it occurs in House 5, the House of Fortune and Children, or House VI, the home of work, and the latter has the potential to become a businessman with power, power and wealth.

Venus :
Venus, a planet of art, beauty, and money, also has its status within some towers and houses that can bring wealth and wealth to the person. One of the most important of these situations is the occurrence of Venus within the first house or the ascending tower, "the horoscope". This is a sign of the ease of earning money and saving in life. Another similar situation with Jupiter's positivity is the same signs of being in the second, fifth or sixth house. Another important situation is the occurrence of Venus in House X, a house of glory, fame and appearance. In the event of this situation, this person will often gain from the work of gaining fame and influence.

Planet Mars:
Mars does not have the same positive effect as Jupiter and Venus, but it is characterized by its positions in House I, II and V that it brings gains and money quickly but will often go quickly. As is the case with the famous English proverb "EASY COME, EASY GO".

When we talk about the signs of poverty in the personal map, it is limited compared to signs of wealth and summarized as follows:

Location of Saturn:
 The planet Saturn, known as the biggest snorer if it is in the second house, this is one of the most important signs of poverty and tight hand and give up this person in terms of earning money and wealth. The second most important condition of the planet Saturn as a sign of poverty is the occurrence of the fifth house, which is the home of the family and children, a sign of the lack of luck in general, and evidence that this person will create his family with limited financial resources.

the sun :
Some astrologers mentioned that the sun's occurrence in the last house on the personal map may be a door from which wealth can be stolen by theft or monument on this person, and some consider it evidence of poverty and tightness of the hand. In general, House XII and the latter is responsible for anything that is hidden or behind the scenes.


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