Owners of dangerous Horoscopes of men and women

here are some people who are characterized as very dangerous to get close to them and try to establish a relationship with them, without much care when trying to get close, there are people to think several times before deciding to deal with them, perhaps the risk is inherent in their personalities, Or perhaps the risk is due to the need for a particular method of dealing, which is not good for many people, whatever the reason, in this article we review dangerous men and women alike of the owners of different towers.
Dangerous towers of men and women
1- Pregnancy (21 March - 19 April)
Pregnancy is a very dangerous character, but it remains a dangerous person, does not like pregnancy to be controlled or reduce its release from any, whether male or female, also carries pregnancy feeling of arrogance and superiority, so it is often difficult for this person To engage in long-term relationships, trying to get pregnant always to gain in one way or another, and in this area may do things that should not be done, pregnancy is a personality is not easy to deal with and understand it to a large extent, it is characterized by a great deal of Ambiguity and lack of clarity. You do not have to try it in any way. You will find a character you did not know before, and you will not be able to deal with the large amount of looting you will find that has opened up to you from this object, which seems peaceful at first, but you do not know what to do In the chest from the inside.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Although Gemini is a very social person, he does not like to be approached too much, Gemini loves privacy, and does not accept guardianship of anyone. Gemini is a person who is out of reach and can not afford to try to limit his release. Gemini lights, and always likes to be seen by others as a great person, so the owners of this tower often have people with a lot of arrogance and transcendence on others, the process of your approach to Gemini will be fraught with a lot of risks, so that the possibility of your thief immediately, what He did not see anything very special about you that could attract his attention. Gemini needs someone Enjoy special talents in order to get close to him. Besides, the mates have many admirers who can point them out when he wants to, so he does not need you often. It can get you a lot of self-loathing and self-contempt if you try to approach it inappropriately, or without being prepared for it well in advance.

3. The Virgin (August 23 - September 22)
Virgo is a person who seeks perfection, so you must be very careful when trying to get close to her. If you do not look, and your mind is also satisfactory to the personality of the Virgin, you will waste a lot of your time. The Virgin always tries to appear as the perfect person without flaws. He does not like to be moved from the fan box to the box of those who are trying to get close to him emotionally. The Virgin is good at talking and speaking well, so he will be surrounded by many people and admirers always, and your attempt to approach him may be something he does not like about you , Virgo is a person who does not intimidate dealing with a Specifically, you'll find a strong personality capable of Sdk with confidence and hit the ground running, so do not embarrass yourself too much with this personal unless you're sure what you do.

4- Scorpio (23 October - 21 November)
Were it not for the arrangement of the towers, the scorpion would have to be placed at the top of this list. He is a very dangerous figure for himself and for others, too, his fluctuation constantly, his unruly temperament for a long time, his desire to control, his extreme jealousy, his love for possession, Who works in his chest when he sees someone better than him in any of the things, all these things are nominated well to take the title of the most dangerous towers, you have to be careful of the poison of this character when dealing with it on any level, even if it is in the friendship because the seriousness is not Its limits, and it is possible to bite Bismah Al - Zaaf Vesibak immediately Balts M. Also, do not try to get close to this character by way of admiration, the scorpion does not like this method at all, which is not the way to his heart at all.

5. Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Although the whale is not a danger to the person approaching, it is very dangerous to the whale itself, the whale is a very sensitive figure, and any untimely approach to it, may cause many wounds to this character is very sensitive to any effect that may affect them, I do not want to be in a position that causes harm in any way to anyone. The whale is a very peaceful person. He is not good at hatred, hatred or envy, so treat him in the manner he is good at, and be careful not to manipulate the heart of this person , He can kill himself as if he found someone manipulating him and his feelings, may hurt you For much of the damage from this peaceful, gentle object if you try to cause him harm in any way.


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