The bad habits of each of the twelve towers Horoscopes

There is no one perfect - and every tower has its drawbacks. Fortunately, flag towers provide valuable clues to break bad habits. Terminating these bad patterns helps you achieve your full potential. These are some tips to conquer those bad behaviors that stand in the way of your happiness in the end.

Bad Habits of the Aries Tower:
Aries born usually have a rush to the frontline, literally and figuratively. While this trait helps Aries move on, they may affect the stability of your relationships. Involving them with the care of an animal, child or plant may help them get rid of this status. Once their capacity for care is developed, their selfishness will diminish.

Bad Taurus Habits:
Taurus born loves chaos. Surrounding them with all their belongings gives them a sense of security. It also creates headaches, confusion and anarchy. Storage systems that keep things displayed will prevent bulls from scattering their things all over the house. The placement of baskets, glass containers and open shelves may enhance their system status.

Bad habits of the Gemini:
While Gemini babies are bacilli speakers, they may be very bad listeners. The best way to make them more alert is by training them to silence. At first, Gemini babies will find it difficult to stay silent for a minute. But in the end, even the most chattering people will learn to stifle their lips and open their ears.

Bad habits of the cancer:
If you ever wondered why you were born in the Cancer Tower always with this sweetness, just follow the sugars. Born in this tower love cakes, sweets and ice cream. Deliberating with them from time to time is a good thing, but excesses in sweets can have a negative effect on obesity and energy levels. What cancer seekers are looking for is what fills their mouths. Gum-free or dry fruits may help to distract them from eating sweets.

Bad Habits of the Lion Tower:
The person sitting next to you in the elegant restaurant screaming in his personal help on the phone? He is probably born of the Lion Tower. It is natural that those born in this tower who enjoy creativity, charm and lightness tend to boast. In fact, the desire to brag is rooted in a feeling of insecurity. The sooner a lion's offspring learn to compliment others, the better.

Bad habits of the Virgin Tower:
Virgo virgins may sacrifice their own gift for perfection. Within their depths, these newborns are hungry in their hearts. They need to know that it is better to feel better and to look good. Some minutes are allocated every day to enjoy, but chaotic activities such as baking, painting and sculpture can treat Virgo born from fear of mud.

Bad Habits of the Libra:
Libra born of the addicts shopping. They love to own credit cards of all kinds. While their tastes are impeccable - which can not be denied - this may cause them difficulties later on. What is at stake for them is the quest for perfection. Enjoy the simple but inexpensive pleasure like walking in nature or visiting museums can satisfy the desire to brag.

Bad habits of Scorpio:
No one has a grudge like the birth of this tower. Unfortunately, carrying abuse and not forgetting stands in the way of their love, happiness and trust. In order for the Scorpio boys to get rid of anger, they must first practice taking care of themselves. Getting a letter every month or writing memos every day will check the hearts of the breeders of this tower and allow them to forgive.

Bad habits of the bow tower:
Sagittarius have a bad habit of telling the truth. While they have good intentions behind it, this does not mitigate the impact of comments such as "These pants make you look fat." The best way to teach the descendants of the Sagittarius Tower is by studying the books of etiquette.

Bad Habits Of Capricorn:
Capricorn born of addicted to work. Many of them fear the poverty that may afflict them at the moment they cease to be tired and tired. Keeping a record of their estimates can break the bad habit.

Bad habits of the Aquarius:
Aquarius babies usually have a self-sustaining life. This makes it difficult for them to achieve intimacy. They are basically afraid that relations will affect their independence. Fortunately. Aquarius lovers love experiment. By considering relationships as a kind of experience, Aquarius babies can give up control.

Bad habits of Pisces:
Since it is a water tower, it is natural for a Pisces to find comfort in liquids. When these liquids of alcohol show problems. Of course a twelve-step program can be of great use here. Meditation and yoga can also help, because they help the Pisces born to achieve a healthy sense of tranquility. It is all what the Pisces Tower seeks.


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