The disadvantages of marrying men are owners of different Horoscopes

Every person in this world has its flaws, and no one knows the shortcomings. In this article, we learn about the disadvantages of men from different towers. This is to find out the most important thing a woman should consider before getting married to a man. If a woman is already married , Can know the defects of her husband, to warn them, and try to avoid these defects, and fix them could not be repaired.

The disadvantages of marrying men are owners of different Horoscopes
1- Pregnancy (21 March - 19 April)
Pregnancy is an ideal person, but it has shortcomings as for any person who is deficient. Pregnancy may be a 'normal' person with all the bad meaning of this word. Pregnancy is a person who is not ambitious. He does not care much about success in his or her career or career. He does not believe in jealousy as something to show fear and interest in his partner, so if you are a woman who likes to be jealous of you husband, do not expect much in this area of ​​the man of pregnancy, Finally the man of pregnancy may be the average intelligence, and can not explore the depths of things and deepen them, and this has Tek N a big problem when making important and fateful decisions.

2. The Bull (April 20 - May 20)
The fundamental flaw of a bull man is that he cares about the physical aspect of things. He thinks very rationally that he can not see the beautiful side hidden in everything. He is also a hasty person and very bored with things once he has them. So you may find that your relationship has suffered a lot of stagnation after a while. Smaller than marriage, bull man may also be sexually demanding to a degree that a woman can not trade in this thing, even to think that he thinks of it only as a tool to satisfy his desires. Also a bull man is not good at expressing his feelings well, so the woman thinks that he is a person who has no feelings and does not love her. Also, a bull man is a person who sometimes gets sick, so that it becomes impossible to dissuade him from doing so. Seeing things from another perspective. The bull man is very introverted, he does not like to mix with others, and he likes to sit at home for as long as possible.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

A man of Gemini is an overly social person, often a clash between him and his wife for this thing, he does not hesitate to enter into relationships with others all the time and once the opportunity arises, the Gemini man is also unfaithful to his wife, he believes that He does not like to spend too much time in the house anyway, and this is a burden on him, and he does not like to spend a lot of time at home, Or a responsibility that must be disposed of as soon as possible. The last flaw of the Gemini man is that he is a very lenient person She saw him, as he does not mind to enter into relationships with others from time to time, he also does not mind that his wife endorsement of others, a way that does not feel any jealousy of them.

4- Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Cancer is a very shy person, but sometimes he is inclined to look for fame and lights. In doing so, he makes many very stupid mistakes that make him look bad. He is also a pessimistic and sometimes odd-looking person. He can enjoy the beautiful moments in his life without being always the eye on the bad things in them, which puts a lot of pressure on his partner in this matter, Finally, cancer is too emotional person, and needs a lot of affection from his partner, Most often, the recipient is not the donor, mm It loses control of the relationship and makes it the weakest party.

5. Assad (July 23-August 22)
As is known of the owners of the Lion Tower, they are people who love fame and are always under the eyes of others, this social enthusiasm may have a lot of bad aspects, it puts the husband under a lot of pressure is outside the house, making his time with his wife and children very limited . The nature of the lion's man and his love for control and leadership may make him appear to be a dictator inside the house. He wants to be a party to everything, to know all the things that are going on inside the house, and his wife is not allowed to make any decisions at home without reference. He thinks he is always right, and knows where the interest is, better than anyone else. Finally, the lion man may be a bit selfish, he wants everything for himself only, and no one else is allowed to get any part Of the cake, and if he does so, it is so gracious of it.

6. Virgin (August 23 - September 22)
The basic problem of the Virgin is his frankness. He is a person who is not fluent in color or politeness. He does not deal with things diplomatically. On the contrary, he takes all things by nature and without any cost, which exposes him to many problems and clashes in his life, Taste or non-observance of others, on the other hand, the Virgo man because of his intelligence may look at others inferiorly, including his wife, treating her as less than matter and matter, with the consequent notice of her irrelevance or utility, finally, man The Virgin is a physically frail person, he spends money with great care, and no He likes to spend his money on things he sees as trivial or insignificant.


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