The effect of Mercury's transition to Gemini on all Horoscopes

The positive effects of Mercury will be on the part of students and students in the basic stages of education, they will feel that their focus is better and their ability to study and test performance is better, and will have good luck for the rest of the towers of the tower on short trips.

The thinking of the Taurus boomers during this period is focused on how to make money in the easiest way, and some of them will have new opportunities or good projects where they share a profit.

Gemini :
During this period, they enjoy a distinctive seventh sense, a surprising speed, and their ability to think better and faster. Many of the tower's children are active in their contacts, study, and think more than usual about traveling.

They find them more inclined to read or to see mysterious and exciting things, and some prefer to watch horror films or documentaries about fictional events.

Lion Tower:

They communicate and interact more with friends, and friends admire their dialogue, their talk and their ability to organize their ideas. This is a good time to build new social relationships and expand your circle of friends and acquaintances. You will notice that you are accepted into forums or social clubs and some of you get lucky.

Virgo :
During this period, they focus more on everything related to work, support their relationship with officials and present constructive ideas for employment. A period that is distinguished in the presentation of ideas or the submission of reports that receive appreciation from the officials and may receive because of the promotion or reward.

Most of the graduates born in the tower are university students and those working in academic or research fields, followed by those who think about emigrating or traveling abroad for a long time. Their contacts will be active on this side and feel good ideas to support their position.

Scorpio :
In this period, they are engaged in financial partnership with others. Rearrange budgetary, disbursement and other matters. In this period hold new deals or build a business relationship with others good.

Sagittarius Tower:
Their dialogue with their partners increases both at home and at work. They present ideas that may contribute to improving the home or work environment and contribute to overcoming outstanding differences. This period is excellent for discussing any problems or misunderstandings between a couple who has been born of Sagittarius.

Capricorn :
Their relationship with work colleagues improves during this period and they are appreciated for ideas they put forth and discussed with them. This period may be appropriate to discuss an idea that is put forward by you to managers or to make certain requests you were waiting for the right time to discuss them.

Aquarius :
Some tend to be more interested in literature. Some may want to read a new novel or reread a novel they had previously read and liked. Some of them may be interested in attending a cultural seminar or a literary gathering and encourage their children to study and take care of their lessons.

Pisces :
Their ability to be persuasive especially for family members is better, and their ability to invent new ideas about housing or living space is impressive. They might invent a different arrangement for the house furniture or would like to buy a new piece of furniture or decor that would make the house beautiful. Some of them may offer solutions to an existing family problem that impress family members and contribute to solving the problem.


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