The origins of astronomy, the reason for its existence and its accuracy

Are you one of the people who often worry about the future and what it carries with it? Do you think that there must be a way to reveal the secrets of the future? If you consider these things ridiculous or unrealistic, some people will argue you with scientific arguments and proofs, and they will prove their ability to know what fate holds for future periods by resorting to scientific means! This is the case of astronomy, as the specialists in this field do model studies for each of the towers, and here you find yourself reading your astronomical expectations, even if not 100% accurate. They are likely to be people who wonder about the origins of astronomy and why it exists, not to mention the methods adopted in this field as well as its accuracy. Let us try to answer these questions together.

History of Astronomy
Astronomy is not a modern science as some people think, but it dates back to the times when the beginning of discoveries emerged. The discovery of the relationship between astronomy rotation and climate change has contributed to the development and study of astronomy. The earliest discovery of a systematic astronomical study dates back to the Babylonian civilization, a civilization of the pre-Christmas period. This science spread and developed with the days and reached the various civilizations and peoples with the passage of history, and most notably the Egyptian, Roman and Greek peoples, until today reached the state it is. According to modern astronomers, the positions of various stars and planets in space affect the life of the individual, as well as his actions and luck and others. This effect is determined by the "tower" of the individual concerned and obtained at birth on the basis of the date of birth. But it is worth mentioning that some scientists believe that astronomy is only a limited branch of science with broader horizons than we see.

No doubt you heard the saying: "The world revolves around you" ... Yes! In astronomy, you are the axis of the world. How is that? It's very simple: when you give your date, time, and place of birth to any astronomer, they can tell you where the location of both the planets and the big stars was for your site at the time, using a graph that clearly reflects the locations. But what is this drawing and how does all this appear? This diagram is a scheme that shows the sky in a circle around the earth in the middle, without being drawn, in addition to planets, stars, moon and sun. The earth is absent from this drawing because man is on it, so he does not see it. The impact of star planetary positions on towers varies with different ones, but this effect not only contributes to reading expectations, but also diagnoses situations, the compatibility of individuals and facilitates decision making.

Perhaps you still think that astronomy is only a myth? Well, your sense is not too far from reality, but the word "myth" does not specifically express what this science is. Some studies show that astronomy was not and will not be a 100% accurate science, and that the best accuracy recorded, was not more than 30% !! There are many reasons for these results, including the desires of individuals who change, as well as sudden astronomical changes and others. But did you know that astronomy has the greatest merit in discovering the secrets of the universe and space in the simplest means without modern technology? One of these discoveries is that the sun, despite its huge size in our galaxy, is one of the smallest stars in outer space !!!


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