Ways of thinking and understanding of couples according to Horoscopes

It is known that towers have an impact on a person's personality and way of thinking, and this applies to the way couples think, in their view of many public things, in this article we will talk about how couples think to help their wives to understand their way of thinking better.

Couples thinking by horoscopes
1- Pregnancy (21 March - 19 April)
The pregnancy is a quiet and cooperative person, who loves his wife in every big and small, and spares no effort to make her happy and to make sure she gets everything she needs. He may be a little shy of feelings and thin words, but otherwise he spares no effort to please his wife, A man remembers well the events associated with his partner, such as their date of birth and the date of their wedding anniversary, a cream in gifts, and also a physical cream, but not to the point of extravagance. A man of Aries sees his partner as a complementary person, so he is very interested in her feelings, and does not do anything that angers her. The wife of a man of pregnancy can easily convince him that he is a non-boss and he does not have the inclination to turn back if he discovers his mistake Then. A woman can easily satisfy her husband with a few simple things she does for him, making him fully satisfied, and willing to do much for her.

2. The Bull (April 20 - May 20)
The bull is a very loyal man in his relationship with his wife. He loves her so madly, but he can not express this love in a way that most women understand. He sees love from the window of attention and care and works to provide a good future for her and his children. But he is very angry with his wife if he finds her to fail to do her duties, the bull man does not like lying and not frankness, and he never forgives these things if he finds them in his wife. On the other hand, a bull is a loner and prefers to sit at home. Some women may find this a disadvantage. Others may see the husband as an advantage. A bull man is not good at cheating. If he says to a girl he loves her, that means it. Bull man is very pleasing, and his mood is constant. He does not react quickly, but if he gets angry and angry, it is never easy to reconcile him. Therefore, women should be careful not to anger the bull man because she will suffer a lot because of that.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

A Gemini man is a very social person who likes to be in a place with many people, so he is well trained in ways of dealing with others, and his words are always sweet. Any woman can sign in his love, but when he becomes a husband he becomes very bored. , And always needs his wife to provide him with a climate of change and non-routine, it is difficult for women associated with the man Gemini to connect with her in a relationship, it is not easy to make a commitment to one relationship, he likes to play with his tail whenever he had the opportunity, The task is arduous for any woman to make him not only look at her only, where a man of Gemini is considered to be Of relations with others is normal.

4- Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
A man of cancer is a passionate person toward his female, but he needs them to exchange a lot of emotion too. A cancer man needs someone who feels safe. He prefers a strong woman. It is okay for a man to leave the helm of the house to his wife. Capable of managing things, and intervenes only in matters that need to intervene. The Gemini man needs a space of privacy in his life, so he expects his wife to leave him some space of privacy so that he can be free of himself. , Acquiring the heart of a cancer man is very simple, as a woman does not need to do much in order for her husband to please her.

5. Assad (July 23-August 22)
The Lion Tower man is a person who loves lights and fame. He is a social being of the first order. He is expected to share his social activities with his wife and support him. He does not find it difficult to go out every day to a new place and to know more people. , He can sit his children for a long period of time without boredom, as well as bear a large part of the responsibility of their upbringing, he does not hesitate to teach them the things they must do and things that must be avoided, the Lion Tower man likes to be the controlling party at home, Everything must be presented to him, and every decision should not be taken until after S His charisma, so some women may see it as somewhat dictatorial, but he sees it for the sake of the family, a lion man is a great husband if a woman well understood.

6. Virgin (August 23 - September 22)
Virgo man is a very romantic person, who loves everything related to it, always tries to make the man a romantic paradise for him and his wife, the man tries to meet the Virgin's wife always, and satisfy them, but he has sometimes been times of anger on them , Perhaps for no reason or for flimsy reasons, to know how to behave, the Virgo man needs a lot of doses of tenderness and compassion, and he cares more about things immaterial. As for material matters, the husband of the Virgin is a non-stingy person. He is willing to spend a lot of money on himself, his house and his wife, but he is someone who works for the future and does not want to be in financial trouble, because he can not afford it.


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