What are the cosmic houses and what are the characteristics of each astronomical house?

Astronomical houses describe a certain area of ​​experience in an individual's actual life. It refers to how the person deals, whether in his interaction with people, his work or his likes, etc. Just as there are 12 astrological towers, there are 12 astronomical houses, and each house is similar to one of the towers. But unlike astrological constellations, which provide 30 degrees in the cosmic circle, the size of the astronomical house varies greatly from house to house. The accounts of astronomical houses are based on exactly the time of birth. It is important to bear in mind that most astrologers say that whenever the planet is near the house, it will be home.

As we have said, astronomical houses represent a specific aspect of life. The following is the meaning of each of them:

 The first house [/ highlight] is referred to as: the self, the appearance and the vitality

Describes the character and behavior of the individual in his confrontation with the outside world, in addition to his physical appearance. It is an essential component of the interpretation of the astronomical map, one of the four corners of the astronomical map. It is located on the left side of the astrological map and corresponds to where the sun rises from.

 House II : Money acquired and physical property

Describes physical property, how it is managed and how money is earned. In short, it includes all financial matters, but it also represents greed and all kinds of property.

 The third house : direct ocean, siblings, short trips and study

It relates to communication and the environment close to you (siblings, co-workers, study), elementary, secondary, and student studies. It also describes short trips, transportation, modern contacts and all practical things.

 House IV : family, home, origins, heredity and father

Represents the family of the person, his grandparents, his roots, and his home, from which he will move. This house also describes real estate, maternity, childhood and feelings. It is located on the lower side of the astrological map, which is like an oasis that is considered an important house. For some astronomers, the fourth house represents the mother rather than the father.

 The Fifth House : affairs of love, fun, entertainment, children and creations

Describes the creative activities and entertainment of the person and his hobbies, as well as love affairs and his luck in gambling and his relationship with children in general, including his children. This house covers all the fun things in human life.

 House VI : daily affairs, daily work, colleagues, subordinates and health

Describes everyday human life, behavior at work, simple commitments, subordinates and pets. It is also related to health, treatment and simple diseases.

 House VII : Referred to as descents, alliances, marriage and other persons and commitments and contracts

He faces the first house, and therefore represents other people and human behavior toward those who deal with him and his partner (his wife or his partner). It relates to contracts, engagements, marriages and apparent enemies. Through the seventh house, man realizes the people around him. It is located on the right side of the astrological map and corresponds to the place where the sun rises from.

 House VIII : Emotions, crises, transitions, death, financial investments and sexual activity

It relates to the birth and death of man. But it does not necessarily mean actual physical death. It may be a symbolic death, a synonym for evolution and transformation. This house represents the inheritance and money that it acquires from other people, as it represents sexual activity and all things hidden and interest in magic and astrology.

 The Ninth House : Travels, abstract and higher concepts and external issues

This is the world of spirituality, philosophy, ideals and distant travels, both physical and internal. Unlike the third house, this house represents higher education and university as well as understanding abstract subjects. It also has to do with law, legality and religion.

 House X : Referred to as the center of the sky, social success and professional career and mother.

It is located opposite the fourth house and is compatible with the professional life of the person in addition to the social advancement compared to the family background. Symbolizes ambition and achievement in society. It also relates to the general public and the potential fame and influence of the mother. The tenth house is located in the southern part of the astronomical map at its summit.

 House XI : Friends, Collective Projects and Support Protection in life

Represents the projects of man and his friends and those who protect him. As well as the nature of friends and group activities and the place that a person occupies in his group, unlike House 5, which represents the individual side. House XI has a greater connection to all human aspects.

 House XII : Enemies, difficulties, isolation, hidden tribulations and secrets.

It corresponds to the inner side of man and the difficulties he faces in his life and the hidden enemies and serious diseases. It concerns places of detention such as hospitals, prisons, monasteries and others. It also includes isolation and major internal crises. It is the house of fantasies and dreams inherent within you.


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