What are the predictions in astrology and how do you understand?

Means of preparation for the future and understanding of the past:
Most astrologers use a variety of purifications to "look into the future" of a person. There are many techniques that are used to make predictions - and planning - for the future. In the following lines we share your favorite techniques - secondary transitions and sequences, solar arc directions, solar backbones, etc. Transitions, for example, challenge us and pressure us to change our lives and attitudes toward life. Bring us joy and sometimes unhappiness - show parts of ourselves and force us to face them. Secondary Interruptions Reveal the cycles of maturity and growth in our lives, to see how our personalities unfold.

Transfers and Courses:
Our astrological plan is very much like a picture of the sky at the moment we pick up our first breath. We carry our astrological plan with us throughout our lives, even if the planets and the unseen continue to keep them and their courses. But the planets and points move forward forming special relationships with the planets and points in our individual astrological plan.

So, for example - if my sun is in my astrological plan at 25 degrees for the Virgo, and Mercury is moving in the same direction as the Gemini (25 degrees to the Gemini), I can see my planetary plan to see where Mercury will be located in relation to the place of the house. If this degree of Gemini is in the third house, then I will know that Mercury is moving through the third house.

It is not our goal here to provide the technical aspects of the transfers. We will assume that you have a basic knowledge of technology and we can move on to the interpretation of transitions. Transitions stimulate what is already within us! In other words, it highlights parts of our psychological makeup.

The outer planets first, the inner planets later:
With regard to transfers, it is generally better to first look at the outer planet (moving and moving in a slow motion) to get an overview and a general context before we refine our expectations of internal planets and transitions. The general guidelines for interpreting this are as follows:

You can know the person's place of public achievement by looking at where Saturn is moving through the houses.
Keep in mind that the planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transact essential aspects with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Down and Mid-Sky in the astronomical map of the person.
Locate the Mercury transition.
Looking forward to Jupiter's cycle - Jupiter moves through homes, and what aspects it forms with planetary planets.
Working from the outside to the inside is better because this method gives you a more comprehensive view of long-term transitions and general conditions. This provides a better context for improving reading given by the internal planetary transitions. The transitions of outer planets affect us enormously - they can have a wide impact before they form aspects with other planets. Often the outer planet travels through our astronomical map once through the direct movement and then moves forward and then backs back on this oil, to come back again and cross the same point in the astronomical map for the last time in this session. In general, transplanted seeds are grown in the first part of this cycle (when the planet is first transported at the astronomical point), and the "problem" or the crisis arrives at the middle part of the cycle (when the transient planet recedes at the point). In the end, the position resolves at a time when the planet is moving through the astronomical point for the last time in the cycle. Note: Usually we "see" or "feel" a sort of impending solution when the planet is moving directly after its decline, before crossing again through the crossing point.

In order to understand the general trends and movements in human life, you may also see the transit of planets through homes: crossing Jupiter through homes, crossing Mercury through homes, crossing Uranus through homes, crossing Neptune through homes, and crossing Pluto through homes.

Internal Planetary Movements: Power days, activity cycles, and more

Here are some interesting points to keep in mind:
When the moon touches the sun on the astronomical map, it means "days of power" in general.
Mars cycle for two years - energy cycle. As Mars approaches your tower, your energy increases. Energy is weakened when Mars moves away from your tower, reaching its peak when it crosses through the tower opposite your tower. For example, if your Mars is in the Sagittarius, while Mars moves from Gemini through the Sagittarius, your energy will increase until you reach the highest levels in Sagittarius.


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