Woman of Scorpio: The most jealous women of the earth

What do you think of Hillary Clinton's character? Some even fail at this moment to understand the nature of their personality. A public figure who held the highest diplomatic posts in the most powerful nation on the surface of the earth in modern times and was the wife of former US President Bill Clinton, which ended its second session in the United States of the scandal of sex. And these days prepare and prepare to progress as a candidate for the US presidency in the upcoming elections to be the first woman governs the largest state in modern history. How does this lady, who has a broad smile in most interviews, get a sex scandal for her husband in the presidency of the world's largest nation with catastrophic details and scandalous investigations that naturally complement her marriage? How did she abandon the traditional female sense of jealousy and cruelty expected towards her husband and was able with envy to contain it and forgive his sin?

Woman of Scorpio
The strangest of all is that Hillary Clinton was born in Scorpio Aquatic. It is known that the women of this tower that they are the most women of the earth jealous and do not tolerate easily ever, but may not be able to one of them to close her eyelids before getting the right of those who abused her under any circumstances and whatever progress to the sacrifications of forgiveness. Do star paths and tower sites reveal why? Come look for the solution in multiple axes:

If we look at the tower of fortune we find that it is located in the first grades of the Capricorn Turabi. The astrologers used to call it the Tower of Leaders because many leaders were born there. But since Capricorn is the vision of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, it reflects her seriousness and patience and this was evident in the problem of her husband's betrayal. At the same time her life is difficult and success in her life needs to make more sweat and struggle because luck always does not know her address.

The seventh house in the personal map of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the house of partnership with the husband and marital relationship is located in Gemini, a position that hints at the existence of a state of duplication in the maritime relationship. Between understanding and harmony on the one hand, and between conflict and dissonance on the one hand. But the mystery that identifies the children of Scorpio especially and the horoscope Capricorn conceals one side completely and in the case of Mrs. Hillary Clinton and her husband disappears by the end of the differences and highlights only understanding and love between them.
Its chances in the presidential elections
Saturn has been orbiting the Scorpio for the past two years, but by the end of last year it had moved to the fiery arc tower to end a very difficult period for all Scorpio breeders. This period will only be repeated for a few weeks in the coming summer and then it will end completely and it will not be until twenty-nine full years. This means that the misfortunes, pressures and difficulties that Saturn has been carrying over the entire period are over and will not be repeated. This makes Hillary Clinton the door open if she wants to run for president, but at the same time there is no astronomical evidence indicating her luck. Jupiter is the "Great Saad" currently in the Lion Tower and within a few months will move to the Virgin Tower, which is not related to what this diplomatic lady seeks him. Therefore, things will be equal results of employment depends on what the human effort and concentration.

Women's jealousy
In our reading of this article, we find that women's jealousy has astrological aspects that we can look at. We mentioned some of them and ignored others, considering that it is relatively insignificant compared to what was mentioned. Therefore, when we want to ascertain the level of jealousy of women born of any tower, we first look at its solar tower, then in the tower of fortune, and follow it in the seventh and fifth house. To be more confident of the resulting monitoring we can also track the position of the Moon and Venus at the time of birth.


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